With over 75% of our revenue from our partnership with Value Village, it’s important to continually collect used clothing from within our community.

From the donations collected last year we were able to mentor over 3,000 children and youth throughout the Central & Southern Interior of BC. Donating to the Renew Crew also helps the environment. Last year we were able to prevent 3 million of pounds clothing and household items from entering the landfill.

If you are in doubt as to whether we will accept something, please contact our office.


Bottle & Can Returns - NOW accepting beverage containers for free pick up.


  • Aluminum cans (both non-alcohol and alcohol)
  • Plastic containers (such as water bottles, sports drinks, cups with attached foil lids, and milk (or plant-based beverage) jugs)
  • Drink boxes (such as apple juice, orange juice, etc.)
  • Gable tops (such as milk, plant-based beverage, or orange juice containers)
  • Glass (alcohol and non-alcohol)
  • Pouches (such as juice pouches)
  • Bi-Metals (such as some coconut water containers)
  • Bag-in-a-Box (such wine or juice in a boxed bag)

BEVERAGE CONTAINERS (Please place in clear garbage bags):

  • Please ensure they are rinsed and as clean as possible (no liquid to be left inside)
  • Labels must be readable and fully intact
  • Do not crush cans/bottles in any way

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Help us make a BIG difference for the kids in Central and Southern Interior of BC! Your donation will lead to healthy, thriving youth who can achieve more.

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